Development, maintenance and system operation at the highest quality and security standards
Autonomous and Advanced Systems



 Since its establishment in 1998 as an independent privately-held company, AAS has been seeking to improve technology in diversified areas such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, web-related systems, control systems, client/server systems, package system development and others. We aim to move forward, always offering our customers the highest quality software in order to increasingly build a trusting relationship with our clients under these principles.
 Our ERP and web-related systems have been evaluated as outstanding by our customers.
 The twenty-first century is said to be the century of changes directly related with IT and its activity in the digital society. Hence, the demand on data processing is getting much higher. Based on that, our company is also changing, moving closer to our clients and partners to build a trusting relationship and add to the creation of information systems in our society.

Representative and Chief Executive Officer  Yoshiteru Nishijou