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Information Security Policy

A.A.S is always working on providing high quality software technologies and building a relationship with our clients based on confidence. We assure that all employees are well-acquainted with our information security policy.

Basic Policy
  • In case of negligence, accident, disaster and crime, all of your information assets will be ensured adequate protection.
  • The cause of the problem will be found quickly and security will implement measures to minimize the impact.
  • All employees, contract employees, part-time employees, contractors and other business personnel will comply with information security-related laws, rules, regulations, contacts, etc., to raise awareness and educate the company and ensure thorough compliance.
  • The company has a continuing education policy to always improve and maintain good management of its information security policy.
  • Enacted in October,13rd 2006
    Revised in September 7th 2009
    Autonomous & Advanced Systems Co., Ltd
    Representative and Chief Executive Officer Yoshiteru Nishijou